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“The most important quality of human development is that it strives to optimize itself.”

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Testimonials about Neev Montessori

Where do we start… From the day we started interacting with Neev team on enrolling our 2.5 year old son in the school, it was a great journey for our son and us as parents. The team’s approach towards setting the expectations right to anxious parents towards Montessori way of learning, the child settling down in a natural process in an environment is very practical. We are experiencing lot of positivity through our son who is keen to go to school on Sundays too. Miles to go and this would have not been possible without Neev.

Om Singaravel

Om Singaravel

Parent (Neev Montessori)

Neev Montessori is a fantastic school with compassionate and well-educated staff. The school setting and environment caters well for children’s needs and there is a focus on maintaining connections with nature. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her time at Neev. I would definitely recommend Neev for anyone looking for an authentic Montessori school. Thanks Neev!



Ex-Parent (Neev Montessori)

In general, people say school is the second home but here it’s not the case as Neev has always been my son’s first home. He feels so safe and comfortable that even during his holidays he wants to visit his school. Like any curious mom would wonder about their kid settling down, I am completely happy with the process they approached regarding this as I had lost patience at times. Neev team always boost me up and are always there to hear my worries on my child’s overall development. I feel very comfortable to discuss anything with them as they became a family to me and that’s the reason my child wants to spend more quality time. I always wait for the parent meetings as I am curious to know about new methods and approaches towards parenting, child development and many more child-centered topics from the team as they are really practical. Miles to go and so much to learn.



Parent (Neev Montessori)

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