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“The most important quality of human development is that it strives to optimize itself.”

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Testimonials about Neev Montessori

I wanted my child to go to a place that was small, clean, had teachers she would love and animals to learn to share and care. Neev was all of it. From day 1, at 3 years my daughter would wake up looking forward to going to school. The foundation she received at Neev will always be cherished. 



Ex-Parent (Neev Montessori)

It took my daughter more than a month to get comfortable with the new surroundings. There was not a hint of scepticism amongst the teachers, however. They were patient and confident about her progress. I remember that beautiful moment when my 3-year-old announced that she was ready to be in the school without me. I will cherish it all my life. Choosing Neev was one of the best things I had done for my daughter.



Parent (Neev Montessori)

Where do I start to say how wonderful Neev is? I’m just blown over with how they embrace children, appreciate every individual’s personality and work with that rather than dampen that down. Children take safe risks, which creates self-esteem and confidence in them. The team is incredible; investing time and passion into the job they do making the environment more special and unique. We are happy with Neev and are excited to see where it leads us as a family and how much more our boy will soak up from such a loving Montessori family. Neev you’re awesome!



Parent (Neev Montessori)

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