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Cosmic Education

The elementary curriculum visualised by Dr. Montessori is referred to as Cosmic Education. Cosmic Education provides whole view of the integrated curriculum into which details may be placed in their relation to the whole making it both open-ended and interrelated.

This Five “great lessons” set the stage for the presentation of the Cosmic Education. The stories deal with the:

  • Creation of the universe
  • Coming of life on earth
  • Coming of human beings
  • Development of language
  • Development of numbers

In this manner all the Science and social science subjects such as anthropology, astronomy, biology, chemistry, economics, geography, geology, history, philosophy, physics, and sociology, are not broken down into separate subject matters, but are totally integrated within the curriculum. The development of historical understanding and skills in mathematics (including arithmetic, geometry and algebra), language, arts and crafts, music, play, etc., is integrated with the rest of the curriculum.

Key concepts in the various subject areas of math, language, science and social studies are introduced through stories, material manipulation, activities, experiments and research to help children grasp the core. The objective here is to instill a positive attitude towards learning.

Field trips and “Going Out” form a very important component of the Elementary programme to enable children think and seek answers beyond the limited environment of the school.

Cosmic education helps children to become aware of the inter-dependencies and interrelationships, show gratitude to the creation and to the humans that have gone before and gradually develop a deep gratitude and a sense of responsibility.

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