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DO’s & DON’Ts

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Children must reach the school by 8:55 AM.
  • Children must be dressed in simple and comfortable cotton attire, appropriate for active play.
  • Children must bring fruits, nuts or home made healthy eatables for mid-morning snack.
  • Children must only bring reasonable quantity of food that can be consumed completely and comfortably.
  • Children must be picked up from school at 12:00 PM (Younger Primary) and 3:00 PM (Older Primary and Elementary).
  • Children will be sent home only with the authorised person or who has been introduced to us beforehand.
  • The school must be informed either by email or sms whenever the child is absent from school.
  • Birthday treats must be kept simple and healthy.


  • Children must not wear any expensive jewellery to school.
  • Children must not wear any cosmetics or fancy hairbands to school.
  • Children must not be sent with any packaged food or snacks or lunch.
  • Children will not be sent home with anyone who has not been introduced to us beforehand.
  • Children must not bring creamy cakes, wrapped sweets, and chocolates as birthday treats.

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