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Our Approach

Neev’s Approach to Education & Children

Neev offers an environment for holistic child development, the development of head, heart and hands. We follow the Montessori curriculum which is developmentally appropriate because it is designed to meet the tendencies and characteristics of ‘the Four planes of development’. 
We place equal emphasis on uninterrupted, self-guided, high quality work and play. Our indoor environment is prepared with scientifically designed Montessori materials, and ground rules that encourage movement, choice, order and organisation. Lessons are presented individually or to a small group where children engage in active, conscious learning. Our beautiful outdoor ambience inspires children to connect more deeply with nature and the play area is designed to encourage them to take on new physical challenges.
Each child is given the time and space he/she needs in order to engage deeply with their work and to gain a rich inner experience. Inspired by the rhythm of ‘Breathing In and Breathing Out’ method used in Waldorf curriculum, we intersperse deeply engaging work (breathing in) with relaxing activities (breathing out). This rhythm helps children take in a new experience during the focused period of work, and deeply embed it in their souls in the following period of rest.  
As adults working with young children, we are keenly aware of the impact we can have on their tender hearts and minds. We take utmost care to uphold virtues such as love, beauty and truth in our being, so that our children may see and imbibe these virtues in theirs.

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