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Our Assessment

Assessment at Neev Montessori

What is assessment?
By definition, assessment is the process of gathering, recording and using the information about a learner’s response (performance) to a task.
At Neev we find it is essential that continuous assessment is in-built in the day to day functioning of the classroom.

The adult (teacher) in the classroom

  • Observes the children at work
  • Maintains meticulous records

which enables them to closely follow their students’ development.

In the elementary section there are additional methods such as daily recording of activities by the child, and regular one-on-one conferences with the Directress (teacher) that further helps the adult in tracking the progress of each child.

At Neev, we also believe in assessment through small tests conducted at frequent intervals for children 8 years and above. These serve two purposes viz.

  • Enabling children to identify their own comfort and difficulties with the given topics.
  • Giving the adult an opportunity to assess how well the presentations on the topics have reached the children at large.

The children are also encouraged to discuss amongst themselves and choose the topics for the test. This offers them the opportunity to take ownership of their choice, and the responsibility to carry it through. Corrections are usually carried out as group discussions and sharing of experience. By doing so, the children realise that ‘making mistakes is a part of learning. As a result, our elementary children eagerly look forward to every assessment they plan – Tests, then simply become an event of self-appraisal rather than group comparison.

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