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Younger Primary children, typically aged between 2.5 and 4 years are like a sponge, absorbing the environment around them through all their senses. This is the biggest power of this age, and here at Neev, we take great care to prepare the environment such that this ‘power’ is fully utilised. For example, these children are enticed by every little thing they see; a spider spinning a web, a caterpillar munching on a leaf, and so on. Everything is a sight to behold and delight in, so we ensure a lot of free time for these children to play or to engage with nature uninterrupted and without much interference from the adults.

Our primary environment includes a variety of EPL (Exercise of Practical Living) activities such as cutting, pouring and rolling chapatis. Since these activities would already be familiar from their home environment, children are easily drawn to them and like to do them repeatedly. This helps improve their eye-hand coordination, independence and self-confidence. Carefully designed sensorial materials help children learn various concepts through repetition, trial and error. This helps in developing their cognitive skills.

The younger primary age is a highly sensitive period for language development in that it provides a highly effective window for natural and effortless language acquisition. At Neev, we offer language rich activities (stories, rhymes, songs, dialogs, and narratives) in English, Tamil and Hindi to best utilize this potential.

This is also a period of rapid physical growth and development. Our environment is thoughtfully designed to provide maximum opportunity for movement and coordination. These include carrying chowkis, rolling mats, sweeping, washing, and so on. A variety of basic physical activities such as running, hopping, crawling and spinning are also incorporated in their daily routine to help enhance their physical strength and balance. The outdoor play area has a lot of open space and scientifically designed play equipment to encourage children to take on new physical challenges and to overcome their inhibitions.

Children between the age 4 and 6 years are considered Older Primary. While they were living in a beautiful dreamlike state in the previous stage, by age four, they slowly start waking up to and making sense of the world around them. They are now able to sense differences in terms of colour, sound, taste, smell, weight and dimensions. Our carefully designed sensorial materials help in organising this information and bring order to the scattered impressions. This provides opportunities for intellectual development.

Children below six years of age have great affinity towards language and can learn multiple languages simultaneously and effortlessly. They can differentiate between the words, accents and pronunciations of all languages spoken in their surroundings accurately. At Neev we take great care to make the environment rich in language; content, meaning and context.

We follow the phonic method of reading and writing. By using appropriate materials, children come to learn that letter sounds are the building blocks. They learn to read and write by decoding and encoding individual sounds, and this opens a whole new world to them. Mathematics is an integral part of a Montessori primary environment. Thoughtfully designed concrete materials for shapes, sizes, dimensions, patterns and numbers help young children gain a sequential understanding of concepts from concrete to abstract.

Last but not the least, this is a period of rapid physical growth and development. Children like to undertake new challenges with their physical body. This builds their self-confidence and gives them a sense of achievement. Our environment is thoughtfully designed to provide maximum opportunity for movement and coordination. A variety of basic physical activities are incorporated in their daily routine to help enhance their physical strength and balance. The outdoor play area at Neev Montessori is carefully designed to offer the physical challenges they crave whilst ensuring safety for their well-being as well.

The elementary curriculum visualized by Dr. Montessori is referred to as Cosmic Education. It provides a whole view of the integrated curriculum into which details may be placed in their relation to the whole making it both open-ended and interrelated.

The following 5 “great lessons” set the stage for the presentation of the Cosmic Education. The stories deal with the:

  • Creation of the universe
  • Coming of life on earth
  • Coming of human beings
  • Development of language
  • Development of numbers

In this manner all the Science and social science subjects such as anthropology, astronomy, biology, chemistry, economics, geography, geology, history, philosophy, physics, and sociology, are not broken down into separate subject matters, but totally integrated into the curriculum. The development of historical understanding and skills in mathematics (including arithmetic, geometry and algebra), language, arts, crafts, music, play, etc., are integrated with the rest of the curriculum.

Key concepts in various subjects such as math, language, science and social studies are introduced through stories, material manipulation, activities, experiments and research to help children grasp the core behind the concept. The primary objective here is to instill a positive attitude towards learning.

Field trips and “Going Out” form a very important component of the Elementary programme to enable children think and seek answers beyond the limited environment of the school. Cosmic education helps children to become aware of the interdependencies and interrelationships, show gratitude to the creation and to the humans that have gone before and gradually develop a deep gratitude and a sense of responsibility.

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